What Our Students Are Saying About Us

“Dave is one of THE best instructors I have ever had the benefit of learning from. Dave has amazing patience, amazing communication skills, professional personality and an exciting manor of teaching. I can not express enough how valuable this employee should be considered as his product knowledge and skill surpassed my expectations. I could write a page of positive feedback for this instructor. 5 Star.”

“I love Luis as an Instructor. He is patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He continuously got kicked out of Aptify and handled it with nothing but grace and humor. I learn a lot from him, and he keeps my attention. I am a person who learns very fast and I tend to lose interest quickly because of it. Luis works at a pace that keeps that from happening. I found that even when we go through topics that I already know, I find something to take notes on. I really appreciate him as an Instructor, and I get the feeling that he really likes what he does and it matters to him whether or not we learn something.”

“Luis Pineiros is a skilled person and it was the honor for me to get the training from him. I learn a lot and will definitely transfer that knowledge within my organization.”

“Luis understands how to convey a complex point in simple terms. It really helped narrow down the large concepts into something a beginner could understand so I was really appreciative of that ability.”

“Would love to be notified of any future training locally or online opportunities.”

“Overall, the training was informative and will certainly be helpful to expand our in house capabilities.”

“Dave did an amazing job in keeping my attention and providing easy to follow instructions on the topics.”

“Dave is an excellent instructor. His training style was extremely easy to follow, and I appreciated his humor along the way.”

Dave provided initial training to us about 5 years ago and we were very happy that he came back again to assist us. Dave does a great job. Longer term we would Dave provided initial training to us about 5 years ago and we were very happy that he came back again to assist us. Dave does a great job. Longer term we would like to explore more of Aptify’s capabilities. Thanks for asking.

“Presentation was good, easy to follow. customization to ones system can be a limitation, but of no fault to the instructor. allowed us to know what we do need in order to make things work for us.”

“Luis was outstanding, and we look forward to seeing him again at implementation!”

“Dave is very knowledgeable, and he is an excellent trainer but one day training to cover both end user experience and admin course is not enough.”

“Similar to End User Training, Luis was fantastic. He is an excellent trainer and very enthusiastic about the Aptify product. I appreciated that energy: It makes me excited about the possibilities of how we will use this past the first build.”

“Dave was incredibly patient and thorough in his explanation despite our technical difficulties that kept us from starting on time (not his fault at all). Much of the instructional manual provided contains older screenshots of the system, so they are not as helpful in being able to reference on our own.”

“Dave was excellent. He is a great instructor – very clear and very responsive/flexible. Thanks to him and hope we see him again. We hardly touched the manual, however, which was probably a good thing. We will be using Aptify Web, so the manual doesn’t appear to match our needs/environment.”

“I am new in the industry & this is the first official industry training for me in the community brands which made interested by Rohini Dhir. So thanks to her specially.”

“Great experience and would encourage others to take this class.”

“Luis had some serious historical context and background on reasons for design and best practices, in addition to finding out anything asked even if it was not on the book.”

“The pointers that Luis gave at the beginning of the class, not only related to Aptify, but how to deal with any issues and correcting them were great and go a long way for those in engineering/developer positions.”

“Luis was a great teacher. I hope Aptify will take greater steps to producing a quality product in the future.”

“Nadine’s hands-on approach in the training environment was very helpful. Nadine was also very helpful in answering our specific questions about use-cases and working through how we would handle each situation.”

“Nadine is awesome, amazing, and brilliant. This is my third time taking the Accounting training (twice with Nadine). I was attending this time as support for my Finance team since this organization is going through implementation now. Nadine’s knowledge will be missed!”

“Nadine is amazing. She has helped us learn so much and showed us how we can change the way we are using Aptify to be a lot more efficient.”

“I found the training to be very helpful. I appreciate seeing some of the pain points.”

“Luis is a great instructor! Thank you!!”

“Luis is very knowledgeable of the software and patient with teaching. He is very personable too.”

“Great training from an experienced instructor..”

“Dave literally made our job easier by highlighting ways to perform keys task quicker. His sense of humor and good nature also made the training an enjoyable one.”

“Dave was the best! He managed to keep an all-day training interesting and engaging. Friendly, knowledgeable, polite, and thorough.”

“I was the only student in the training class and at no point did I feel mentally exhausted. Luis presented the material in a way that he did not lose my attention.”

“I have 0 experience using Aptify and Luis was able to explain core concepts so I could understand how it will be utilized in my job. The pacing was great for someone new to the platform. It really outline what I could expect developing within the tool and laid out best practices to make my job more efficient. Example: rather than using advanced SQL create a base view that joins the views so I don’t have to change custom code.”