Aptify 6.2 Release

Aptify Web Hotkeys Aptify Web Hotkeys enable the use of simple keyboard shortcuts to generate new records, engage wizards, start repeated processes, and more. The deployment of Aptify hotkeys can be hugely impactful for staff and can greatly improve productivity and efficiency.  Staff users will be able to quickly pull up new Companies, Orders, Payments, Contact Logs etc, With simple keystrokes instead of multiple clicks. More Details Here Freestone LMS Integration This release includes a new integration between Aptify and Freestone, a popular Community Brands Learning Management System. Freestone helps Aptify customers take their events from in-person to online. It also drives traffic to your website, convering visitors…

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New Aptify Training Website

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We're proud to announce the Aptify Services - Training Website. It's a great source of Training information and News.

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What Our Students Are Saying About Us

"Dave is one of THE best instructors I have ever had the benefit of learning from. Dave has amazing patience, amazing communication skills, professional personality and an exciting manor of teaching. I can not express enough how valuable this employee should be considered as his product knowledge and skill surpassed my expectations. I could write a page of positive feedback for this instructor. 5 Star." "I love Luis as an Instructor. He is patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He continuously got kicked out of Aptify and handled it with nothing but grace and humor. I learn a lot from him,…

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